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The Value of Home Care When Your Dad Wants to Age at Home

The Value of Home Care When Your Dad Wants to Age at Home
The Value of Home Care When Your Dad Wants to Age at Home

It’s always been your dad’s goal to age at home. He doesn’t want to move to a new area or have to downsize to a smaller home. He wants to stay where he is, and you want to ensure that happens.


Have you looked into the value of home care for ensuring he ages at home? Here’s what you need to know.


Routine Companionship


Your dad lives alone and doesn’t have friends close by. He risks loneliness and isolation. With home care services, he can have caregivers stop by every day for companionship. He’ll have a caregiver around to eat meals, take walks with, and talk to. If he needs to go to the store, he has a companion for that.


Help With Personal Care


As your dad gets older, does he find it harder to do simple grooming and hygiene tasks? One of the most prevalent is that flexibility and balance diminish and make it harder to bend over and trim toenails.


Your dad might need help with showering, skincare routines, dressing, and oral care. He might want someone to help with haircare and shaving. Caregivers can help with all that.


Assistance With Household Chores


Housework and laundry may be too much for your dad to manage, but he can have a caregiver help out. His home care aide can strip the sheets, wash them along with the other laundry, and make the bed with clean sheets.


Caregivers can dust, vacuum, wash dishes, wipe down counters, and cook meals. They can also put away items to avoid clutter.


Medication Reminders


It’s not surprising that your dad takes multiple medications each day. Four out of five adults 65 or older take at least one prescription medication each day. Just over half (54%) are taking four or more daily prescription pills.


If he often forgets a dose or can’t remember if he’s taken all his pills, there’s a problem. He needs to take his medications correctly to ensure they help manage his health issues or prevent symptoms from worsening. He can’t just double up if he forgets to take a pill, that can be just as risky.


With a home care aide helping with medication reminders, he won’t forget his pills again. Plus, he has someone to help him track when it’s time to order refills.


Transportation Services


When your dad isn’t supposed to drive, he can have a caregiver take him to stores, area businesses, and medical offices. He gets to his appointments on time and has the items he needs for meals, snacks, and household tasks.


Home care is one of the best ways to ensure your dad has the support needed to age at home. Call a home care agency to learn more about prices and scheduling.

If you or an aging loved one is considering home care in Jacksonville, FL, please contact the caring staff at Companion & Compassion today. 904-502-9052


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