Hourly Home Care For Seniors

Companion & Compassion’s mission is committed to improving quality of life for those we serve through the delivery of extraordinary services and compassionate care, through our highly trained and qualified caregivers while maintaining the highest standard of Care, Integrity and Dignity. We work with all ages from pediatrics to adolescents, adults, and of course seniors.

Companion & Compassion Homecare Agency provides a wide range of services specifically designed for those who need them most. Choosing Companion & Compassion means opting for compassionate, convenient, and reliable care for your loved ones. Allow us to lift the burden of constant worry about the wellbeing of those you care about. Let us bring you the relief you need as we help you live again!

What is Hourly Home Care?

According to a study by the National Alliance for Caregiving and the AARP, more than 90% of seniors prefer to receive care in their own homes. In the U.S, over 12 million seniors receive home care services, which is expected to grow as the senior population increases.

Seniors can keep their independence and live safely in their own homes with the help of hourly home care services, which offer them non-medical assistance. Services may also include light cleaning and meal preparation in addition to assistance with everyday tasks including clothing, grooming, bathing, and medicine reminders. The availability of services for a few hours per day or a few days per week is possible with hourly home care on a flexible schedule.

What is the Difference Between Hourly and Live-In Home Care

Caretakers visit the senior’s home for a predetermined amount of hours each day when hourly home care services are needed. On the other hand, live-in home care entails a caregiver residing in the senior’s home to offer care around-the-clock. Live-in caretakers need to have access to a separate bedroom where they can sleep at night and have breaks during the day. Hourly home care is available around-the-clock and is typically suitable for elderly seniors who require a “awake” caregiver at night.

Benefits of Hourly Home Care for Seniors

Seniors who receive hourly home care can prolong their freedom and stay in their own homes. Home care services can assist seniors with daily living activities like bathing and clothing as well as with housekeeping chores like cooking and cleaning. The company of caregivers helps lessen feelings of loneliness and isolation. The level of care a senior receives can be altered for hourly home care as their requirements change.

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Providing premier Hourly Home Care for seniors and families in Jacksonville, Duval County, Nassau County, Clay County, St. Johns County, Baker County, and Fernandina Beach FL.

Hourly Home Care in Jacksonville, FL by Companion & Compassion

Does Medicare Pay for Hourly Home Care?

Medicare generally does not cover non-medical home care services such as those provided on an hourly basis. However, it may cover some in-home services under certain conditions. It’s recommended to check with Medicare or consult with a healthcare advocate to understand what will be covered.

How Do Families Pay for Hourly Home Care?

  • Private pay: Many families pay for hourly home care out of pocket.
  • Long-term care insurance: Some long-term care insurance policies may cover in-home care services.
  • Medicaid: Medicaid may cover home care services for those who meet certain income and asset requirements.
  • Veterans benefits: Veterans may be eligible for certain home care benefits through the Department of Veterans Affairs.

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Hourly Home Care in Jacksonville, FL by Companion & Compassion

About Our Hourly Home Care Staff

Our Home Health Aides (HHAs) are qualified and certified, highly empathetic individuals who are trained to provide the most individualized healthcare services and support required to remain comfortable, and most importantly, stay within their own homes.

The HHAs employed by Companion & Compassion Homecare Agency undergo strict specialized training to ensure their certification before being given the charge of the elderly.

Furthermore, each of our Home Health Aides continues to partake in the workshops and classes conducted by Companion & Compassion Homecare Agency to ensure the continuation of their education to keep them apprised of any advancements within the industry. This continued education and training strives to ascertain that each HHA is able to continuously develop their skills as a healthcare provider In order to give the best possible support to those entrusted in their care.

The help and assistance of an HHA allows the elderly to not only maintain their sense of dignity and self-autonomy, but also to lead lives that are as healthy and productive as possible.

Companion & Compassion Homecare provides compassionate caregivers backed by skilled nursing, so you have the peace of mind knowing your loved ones are covered.

Tips for Choosing an Hourly Home Care Agency in Jacksonville, FL

  • Look for an agency that is licensed and insured.
  • Check for caregiver qualifications and training.
  • Get references from previous clients and check them.
  • Choose an agency that will match you with a caregiver who will best suit the needs of your loved one.
  • Make sure the agency is clear about their charges and payment options.

The Positive Impacts of Hourly Home Care

  • Home care services can improve a senior’s quality of life by allowing them to stay in their own home and maintain their independence.
  • Caregivers can provide support and assistance with activities of daily living, reducing the burden on family members.
  • Caregivers can provide companionship and socialization, reducing feelings of loneliness and depression.
  • Home care services can help seniors stay active and engaged, improving their overall well-being.

How to Help Your Senior See the Benefits of Hourly Home Care

  • Stress the advantages of remaining in the comfortable settings of their own home.
  • Stress the ability of home care services to offer the right amount of support and care as the needs of the senior change.
  • To avoid isolation and loneliness, talk about the value of having a caregiver for company and socialization.
  • Share data and facts on the large percentage of elderly seniors who favor receiving care in their own homes.
  • Describe the alternatives that are available, such as nursing homes and assisted living facilities, which could have more restrictions, a loss of privacy, and greater prices.
  • Include the senior in the decision-making process when choosing the caregiver to offer them a feeling of ownership.
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