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Reduce Your Daily To-Do List by Arranging Home Care

Reduce Your Daily To-Do List by Arranging Home Care
Reduce Your Daily To-Do List by Arranging Home Care
Your dad is older, and his mobility has decreased a lot over the years. You help as much as possible, but your job, your family, and your dad’s care keep you busier than you want to be. There are days you don’t feel you even have time to catch your breath.
Learn how home care aides can lighten your load. You’ll have more time to take care of yourself and others by reducing your daily to-do list.
Grooming and Hygiene
One of the toughest tasks for family caregivers is personal care. Grooming and hygiene are essential, but your dad doesn’t like having you help him. It’s just too uncomfortable for him, so he gets argumentative and refuses to cooperate.
Have a trained caregiver help with oral care, showers, dressing, shaving, and nail trims. While he’s getting ready, you can focus on getting breakfast, making coffee or tea, and arranging the pills he needs to take with his meal.
Let caregivers run errands for your dad. If he needs more facial tissues, toilet paper, laundry detergent, and body wash, have the caregiver take a list to go shopping. If your dad wants to go, you’ll have the house to yourself and focus on other tasks.
You could also have the caregiver stay with your dad while you have time to yourself. Run errands on your own, and let the caregiver keep your dad company while you’re out.
Spend time with your dad while the home care aide does the laundry, makes your dad’s bed, vacuums, and cleans counters. You can take him for a walk or help him in his gardens, and not have to worry about all the chores waiting back at the house.
Meal Preparation
You need to go home and cook your children’s meals and help them with their homework. Your dad needs his dinner, too. It’s a lot to manage. Have a caregiver take over meal preparation and free your nights to focus on your household.
Your dad and his caregiver can work on a weekly menu, create a shopping list, and go to the grocery store. Or, you or the caregiver can take the list and do the shopping for him. If it’s available in your area, you could order online and have groceries delivered.
He’ll have a hearty meal and a chance to talk about the meals he enjoyed in his childhood. You’ll know he’s eating well and has company while he eats.
Home care aides take over the tasks your dad needs help completing each day. You’ll have more time to spend with him doing fun activities. Talk to a specialist in home care to get started.
If you or an aging loved one is considering Home Care in St. Augustine, FL, please contact the caring staff at Companion & Compassion today. 904-502-9052
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