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The Number One Reason For Alzheimer’s Home Care

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The Number One Reason For Alzheimer's Home Care
The Number One Reason For Alzheimer's Home Care

Alzheimer’s home care is a type of specialized care designed to meet the unique needs of seniors with Alzheimer’s. The caregivers who practice Alzheimer’s home care have experience and training that helps them assess each senior’s condition and provide care that supports where that senior is cognitively. Also, as the disease progresses, their level of care will change to ensure that the senior gets enough support through every stage of the progression.

There are many ways that Alzheimer’s home care helps seniors with Alzheimer’s, but the number one reason why seniors with Alzheimer’s should have Alzheimer’s home care is that this type of care will allow seniors to stay at home. Even as their cognitive decline progresses, most seniors can stay safely and happily in the homes familiar to them if they have Alzheimer’s home care. Moving a senior with Alzheimer’s out of the home they have lived in for a long time can be disorienting or worse for them. Likewise, staying at home has significant health benefits for them, like

Seniors with Alzheimer’s depend on consistency. Consistency in their surroundings can help them retain their cognitive health, and it also helps them feel grounded and normal. Daily activities that happen every day give seniors with Alzheimer’s something they can hang onto even as their cognitive skills slip. Consistency in their living situation may also help seniors with Alzheimer’s hang onto their mental abilities longer

Routine is just as important for seniors with Alzheimer’s as consistency. Doing the same activities every day at the same times of the day, and seeing the same faces every day, can keep seniors from feeling scared. When seniors are still alert enough to know that their disease is progressing, they can be very frightened. But the routines of daily life they have had for years can help them feel more confident in their abilities and give them a sense of normalcy. Walking around the same neighborhood they have walked in for years or eating the same breakfast that they’ve had every morning for five years at the same time of the morning gives seniors with Alzheimer’s peace.

Many seniors are aging in place in family homes where they raised their kids, celebrated anniversaries, holidays, birthdays, and other milestones, and have decades of happy memories. As seniors experience more decline due to Alzheimer’s they may be triggered to remember family events, people, and happy times by being in the home where those events took place. Often seniors who age in place are better able to recall happy moments with their loved ones than seniors with Alzheimer’s who aren’t aging in place.

Feeling Safe

The progression of Alzheimer’s can be disorienting for seniors. When seniors stay in the home familiar to them, they feel safer. Being in a place where they don’t have a long history can make them feel unsure, afraid, and disoriented. You can give your senior parent that sense of peace and safety with Alzheimer’s home care.

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