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The Benefits of Alzheimer’s Home Care Over Memory Care

How to Know When a Senior Parent Needs In-Home Care
How to Know When a Senior Parent Needs In-Home Care

If you have a senior parent that has Alzheimer’s at some point you are going to have to consider whether your senior loved one is better off staying in their own home or going into some type of memory care. It’s a difficult decision to make. There are many factors to consider, like the cost of both, the availability of memory care, and what your senior parent wants. But there are some significant benefits to Alzheimer’s home care, which may make Alzheimer’s home care a better choice than memory care for your senior loved one. The benefits of Alzheimer’s home care that you should consider include:


The Power of Memories

As your senior parent’s Alzheimer’s progresses, they will have more trouble distinguishing the present from the past. Being in a familiar home filled with memories can comfort them, as well as help them feel less frightened and unsettled by what is happening to them. There’s also a possibility that being in a place filled with memories, where they are surrounded by familiar smells, sights, and objects, can help them slow down the progress of dementia.



Your senior parent who has Alzheimer’s has a daily routine already that can provide structure and stability. That structure and stability, along with the muscle memory of performing the same tasks each day, can help them stay grounded. It also provides emotional comfort. Your senior parent can find some purpose and stability in getting out of the bed they have slept in for 20 years, padding down the same hall they have walked down every morning for 40 years, and making coffee in the kitchen like they have every day for decades. They instinctively know where the cups are, or where the dishes are, because they have lived in that space for a long time.



Seniors will almost always be more comfortable physically and mentally in their own homes. Surrounded by photos, and their favorite are comfortable blankets, and cozy furniture that they have relied on for years. Seniors will be better able to deal with the challenges of getting older. The worsening symptoms of dementia must be frightening and isolating for your senior loved one. Being at home can comfort them and give them a sense of security they won’t have in a memory care facility. Alzheimer’s care at home can fill in any gaps and ensure your senior loved one gets everything they need at home.



Safety is always a concern for family members, as a senior loved one goes through the stages of Alzheimer’s. But you and your family members can work with a senior safety consultant to ensure that your senior parent’s home is safe for them. And when they live at home, they won’t be exposed to the viruses and illnesses they would be exposed to in memory care. Ultimately, they may be safer in their own home.

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