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Four Things Seniors Need to Safely Age in Place

Four Things Seniors Need to Safely Age in Place
Four Things Seniors Need to Safely Age in Place

Nearly every study and poll done indicates seniors want to stay in their own homes as they get older. Aging in place is important to seniors. It makes sense that seniors want to stay in comfortable homes where they have family memories, photos, and important items. But as seniors get older, there are some practical considerations that they have to take into account. Seniors may develop health conditions that make it difficult to manage living alone at home. If your senior parent wants to age in place, these four things can help all seniors live better and stay in their own homes as they get older:


In-Home Care


In-home care is the key to seniors living happily at home as they get older. With in-home care, seniors will have help doing the necessary household tasks. If your senior loved one develops a medical condition that makes it difficult for them to do things on their own at home, then in-home care will ensure that your senior loved one can still be safe at home. With an in-home caregiver helping your senior loved one with everything from showering to paying the bills. They will also help by grocery shopping, so your senior loved ones can be comfortable and safe at home.


Good Relationships With Neighbors


Having good relationships with neighbors is also important for seniors who are aging in place. Neighbors can check on your senior loved one and help make your senior loved one more comfortable at home. They can also be a good resource for you if they are willing to check on your senior loved one regularly if you don’t live close to your senior parent. Seniors who have lived in the same neighborhood for many years probably already have a good relationship with most of their neighbors. Those relationships are important when seniors want to age in place.


A Social Network


One of the biggest risks to seniors when they are aging in place is becoming lonely. It’s important for seniors to have a strong social network, so they don’t become lonely or depressed when they are living at home. Sometimes living at home can be isolating for seniors, and they need a social support network to keep them connected to the world. Seniors who are aging in place can rely on in-home care as part of their social network. They can also rely on social clubs and groups for seniors, volunteer organizations, and clubs created for seniors to get the social interaction they need.


A Security System


Seniors that are aging in place need a good security system that is monitored all the time. That way, if they have a medical emergency, an emergency like a fire, or if their home is broken into, there is someone who will send help immediately.

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